No More Homeless Women

We all agree that living on the streets unjustly robs human beings of dignity, security, and a chance at a long, healthy life.

Yet as much as we understand about the impact of homelessness, the unique needs of unaccompanied women remain relatively unexplored and largely unmet.

How do our evidence based and best practices need to be altered when we look at them through a gender lens?

Are unaccompanied women being given the best possible chance of escaping the streets; or are we somehow failing them because we do not fully understand how our practices affect them differently than they affect others?

No More Homeless Women is working to close this gap in our understanding and help local jurisdictions in California more effectively prevent and end homelessness among women living on the streets.

"The Women’s Room Needs Assessment created for us by No More Homeless Women provides invaluable information for Friends In Deed to carry out its commitment to prevent and end homelessness among women."

Jackie Knowles
Board Member
Founder of The Women’s Room

No More Homeless Women works with a wide range of public and private organizations to:

  •  Facilitate communication among Continuums of Care around how their use of core systems such as HMIS (homeless management information system) and CES (coordinated entry system) can address the specific needs of women, especially unaccompanied women
  • Help Continuums of Care identify the severity of needs among homeless women, including diagnoses that are compounded by age, long histories of homelessness and experiences of incarceration
  • Help Continuums of Care learn how to prioritize not only permanent supportive housing but permanent supportive housing plus+ that address the unique needs of women in regards to trauma informed care services and freedom of choice and autonomy

Read about our recent work with Friends in Deed:

The Women’s Room Needs Assessment

No More Homeless Women has conducted a needs assessment of a local program servicing women entitled The Women’s Room Needs Assessment, which provides an in-depth analysis of the lives and needs of local women who are currently homeless or have experienced homelessness and who come to The Women’s Room for services. The needs assessment focused on the services provided and their utilization, housing, health concerns, and safety and trauma needs.

Founded in 2007, The Women’s Room (TWR) is a program of Friends In Deed that provides a wide-range of supportive services for women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Friends in Deed (FID) is an interfaith organization that is committed to ending the homelessness experiences of women in Pasadena.

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