Society of Urban Monks

We all know not only the spiritual power but the social power of someone like Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King, Jr. or even Jesus Christ himself. They were deeply connected to God and to the suffering people around them--and they helped change the world. We may long for even a little portion of that kind of ability to be rooted in God and use the energy from that rootedness to do good in this world. But how do we get there? How can we see that dream come to life?

The Society of Urban Monks is a place to learn and share practices to incorporate faith into effective and sustained service and change.

"The Society of Urban Monks offers an inspiring communal venue to help facilitate the integration of one’s private and public relationship with God through ongoing cultivation of spiritual practices that can impact social transformation."

— Wil Hernandez, PhD, Obl. OSB, spiritual director, retreat leader, and author of a trilogy on Henri Nouwen

The Society of Urban Monks provides inspiring peer to peer guidance to help regular people become spiritually rooted social reformers.

Here is our most recent guidance posted to the Society of Urban Monks site:

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