Institute for Community Psychology

The Institute for Community Psychology (ComPsych) is a community-based agency of Urban Initiatives that is dedicated to helping communities better understand themselves in order to improve their well-being through the following activities:

1. Research;

2. Prevention;

3. Intervention; and

4. Evaluation


ComPsych provides opportunities for research in partnership with communities that provides knowledge to help address key issues and problems in order to improve the community’s well-being.


ComPsych provides opportunities to be actively involved in finding solutions with community groups to prevent harmful outcomes due to various social issues such as poverty, violence, poor education, and high risk behaviors such as substance abuse and prostitution.


ComPsych provides opportunities to respond to negative impacts upon communities by coordinating dialogical relationships that leverage resources to build a counter system for positive change.


ComPsych provides opportunities for participants to help community groups evaluate their activities in order to further constructive community changes in order to prevent harmful outcomes and further counter systems for positive change.


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Sofia Herrera, PhD
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