Homeless and Housing Strategies for California

Homeless and Housing Strategies for California is a companion website created by the Hub for Urban Initaives.

The primary purpose of the Homeless and Housing Strategies for California website is to closely examine the issues that are contributing to an unprecedented increase in the number of persons who are homeless and at risk of becoming homeless in California; help counties, cities, and communities shape local policies for solving homelessness and increasing affordable housing including permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless; and assist you in helping other local stakeholders and decision-makers shape local policies by promoting the practices published there.

The 2017 Legislative Housing Package in California has injected a wide-range of new regulatory and financial resources to increase affordable housing, permanent supportive housing for homeless persons with disabling conditions, and supportive services including health, mental health, and substance abuse care. The Homeless and Housing Strategies for California website will help local governments and non-profit organizations maximize the impact of the resources available to them.

"Thank you for this. In Santa Cruz we're trying to establish at least two new Navigation Centers, and this guidance is valuable. Much appreciated!"

Rayne Marr
Homeless Service Coordinator at County of Santa Cruz

Our guidance focuses on three key areas for action:

  • Policy, including opportunities to make the most of new legislation and funding
  • Plans, especially strategic plans for CoCs
  • Practices, both proven and promising, that CoCs can implement to improve outcomes

Here is our most recent guidance posted to the Homeless and Housing Strategies for California site:

  • Current California Legislation Concerning Homelessness: What Is Going to the Governor for Approval and What Is Not

    What is going to the Governor is needed.What is not going to the Governor is also needed. The Legislature concluded the 2019-20 legislative session at midnight on August 31, 2020. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon the Legislature was evident. After taking an unprecedented two-month pause during the early spring, lawmakers returned to the…

  • The Increasing Need for Trauma-informed Care Shelters

    Merely Creating Conventional Shelters will Minimally Reduce the Number ofHomeless Persons Who Are Languishing on the Streets It is time to realize that many homeless persons are not willing to live in large open spaces for long periods of time with many people they do not know and some that they may know but do…

  • Black Women Dying Homeless in Los Angeles City and County

    Black women are unequivocally overrepresented amongwomen dying while homeless in the County and City of Los Angeles A Black woman-centered trauma-informed care approachneeds to be fully considered for Black women who become homeless  Click here for a pdf copy of the following report This report is based on publicly accessible data from the County of…

  • Homelessness Continues to Significantly Increase in Southern California According to 2020 Homeless Counts

    10% more persons were counted in 2020 when compared to 2019which followed a previous 10% increase whenthe 2019 count is compared to 2018 In 2020, 11 of the 13 Southern California Continuums of Care (CoCs) conducted a sheltered and unsheltered homeless count. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) does not require CoCs…