Ask Me Where It Hurts

Antonio Martin combines the ground breaking research in Childhood Adverse Experiences as it relates to “Trauma Informed Care” with new outlines and concepts based in the social services sector to create a unique learning tool for both clinicians as well as for the general public.

The program is designed to identify and address the gaps that exist for staff members administering care within the mental health field. Such as, individuals suffering from the various forms of psychiatric disturbances who have trouble recalling specific adverse childhood experiences, which prolong, if not prohibits any improvement in their developmental growth.

The program is based on a series of dramatized essays that are target specific. The essays are structured in a way to assist an individual in identifying both the internal and external stressors that are a direct result of single or multiple event imprints.

Once identified, any multidisciplinary specializing in behavioral health can use these essays as an instrument to reconstitute someone that is psychologically impaired, therefore remapping the brain. Which significantly reduces the attachments associated with the impairments.

These essays are taken directly from the observational studies and the causal information gathered from the various settings of the foster care system, hospitals, homeless encampments, inpatient and outpatient programs, assorted shelters, jails; etc. And will aid the professional or paraprofessional in unlocking the repressed memories that are the basis of mental illness and substance abuse.

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ANTONIO MARTIN is a multi-talented, Writer, Filmmaker, Energetic Healer, and Humanitarian with a deep history as an experienced social worker. As an Author, his unique educational work offers a wide variety of therapeutic venues. Email him at