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The Hub for Urban Initiatives is a non-profit organization that responds to the economic, housing, social, and spiritual needs of neighborhoods, cities, and counties from local community, regional, national, international, and faith-based perspectives. It consists of several community development, economic development, faith-based, and social justice initiatives that promote research, direct resources, and shape policy.

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Hub for Social Reformers links the accomplishments of past reformers with the accomplishments and efforts of present-day reformers to solve social struggles and raise up future reformers. For more information, please contact Joe Colletti, PhD, at

No More Homeless Women is dedicated to bringing researchers, policy-makers, community groups, and service providers together to design, implement, and evaluate ways to help women find permanent affordable housing.

Morbidity/Mortality Prevention Initiative assists cities and counties with a multi-partner and service strategy that ends the homelessness experiences of persons languishing on the streets with life-threatening infirmities and terminal illnesses.

The Homeless and Housing Strategies for California website engages policy, plans, and practices aimed at ending homelessness and increasing affordable housing.

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Affordable Housing Alliance is dedicated to developing affordable housing to very low-, low-, and moderate-income households.

The Institute for Transnational Research and Development is dedicated to the holistic regeneration of communities by engaging members in reflection and strategic action rooted firmly in their contexts. ITRD understands the inter-connectivity of communities across national borders, thereby working to strengthen their natural networks and flows.

Urban Holistic Village provides integrated services that encompass a full range of public health needs. UHV offers integrated programs without borders; including substance abuse counseling, mental health care, family reunification and homelessness prevention.

Institute for Community Psychology studies, designs, and implements assessments, policies, and programs that help community institutions and systems of care improve the quality of life of local neighborhoods. Activities have focused on domestic violence, health care, homelessness, mental health care, and substance abuse treatment.

Ask Me Where It Hurts provides a trauma-informed approach to care in order for care organizations and care teams to fully understand the impact of trauma and help recognize paths for an individual’s healing and recovery.

Mama’s Tamale Markets are temporary and permanent markets that help transform businesses, community centers, neighborhoods, parks, sidewalks, streets, and other public and private spaces into family, fun, and festive places where art, food, music, and recreation blend together and create vital and vibrant social and educational experiences for all ages.

Vital Economic and Neighborhood Development facilitates neighborhood economic revitalization by creating viable employment and income generating opportunities through the development of successful worker-owned, small business enterprises.

Coffee with a Cause provides youth with knowledge, skills, and service competencies through classroom training, hands-on-training, and employment opportunities within the food and beverage service industry that are supported by local hospitable communities.

Society of Urban Monks is a worldwide community of men and women involved in encountering, elucidating, and ending social ills and injustices by infusing their Christian faith and spiritual practices into solving social struggles.

The mission of this project is to be agents of God’s shalom through active participation in the global thrust to design and create cities, towns, and neighborhoods that are conducive to human thriving and care of God’s creation.

Hands in Healing is an inter-faith alliance that brings help and hope to communities seeking healing and transformation through dialogue and development.