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We Are Getting Closer to Ending Homelessness among Veterans in the United States: What Will It Take to Finish the Job?


Are Victim Service Providers for Survivors of Domestic Violence Integral Partners Within California Continuums of Care?


Are U.S. Depts. of Veteran Affairs and Health and Human Services
Partner Programs Participating in California's Continuums of Care Homeless Management Information Systems?


(ADDENDUM) The Realignment of HUD Continuum of Care Program Funding Some Continuums of Care will be Winners and Some will be Losers


The Realignment of HUD Continuum of Care Program Funding Some Continuums of Care will be Winners and Some will be Losers


Do Homeless Persons Living in Merced County Have Geographical and Relational Ties to Cities within the County?


California Continuums of Care:
How Many Beds Are Dedicated to Homeless Households and Included in HMIS?


California Continuums of Care:
Who are their HMIS Vendors and what HMIS Software do they use?


Criminalization of Homelessness and California Continuums of Care


How did the 12 Continuums of Care with the Largest Numbers of Homeless Persons in the U.S recently respond
when asked if they were on track
to end veteran, chronic, family, and youth homelessness and if they set a path to end all homelessness?


What did California Continuums of Care recently state about Ending Homelessness in their Jurisdictions?


Housing First and the 12 Continuums of Care with the Largest Numbers of Homeless Persons in the U.S.


California Continuums of Care: Asserting Low Barriers and Committing to a Housing First Approach


Southern California Continuums of Care: Comparing Selected 2013 and 2015 Homeless County and Survey Data




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Life in Abundance (LIA) Report


San Bernardino County 2016 Homeless Count and Subpopulation Survey: Final Report


Ventura County 2016
Homeless Count and Subpopulation Survey: Final Report


City of Pasadena 2015 Homeless Count and Survey Report


2015 Merced County Homeless Count and Survey



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What are House Hotels and Who Lives in Them?

Verifying Homelessness among Persons Released fom Correctional Institutions

Why Do We Count and Survey Homeless People?

The Prevalence of Smoking Among Two Homeless Populations in Southern California

Do Homeless People Have Community Ties to the Cities and Counties in Which They Are Homeless?





























































































































Urban Initiatives is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that consists of several community-based and faith-based institutes that respond to the economic, housing, and social needs of neighborhoods, cities, and counties from local community, regional, national, international, and faith-based perspectives.


Urban Initiatives has completed over 40 community-based assessments for local government and private organizations throughout Southern California. Assessments have focused on affordable housing, business development and education for micro-businesses, fair housing, health care, homelessness, human trafficking, migrant farming, and street vending.




Urban Initiatives has established several community-based and faith-based institutes and projects that provide a wide-range of community research, education, evaluation, and development activities that include the following:


Institute for Community Psychology studies, designs, and implements assessments, policies, and programs that help community institutions and systems of care improve the quality of life of local neighborhoods. Activities have focused upon domestic violence, health care, homelessness, mental health care, and substance abuse treatment.


For More Information Please Contact Sofia Herrera, PhD at


No More Homeless Women is dedicated to bringing researchers, policy-makers, community groups, and service providers together to design, implement, and evaluate new and existing approaches to preventing and ending homelessness among women.


For More Information Please Contact Sofia Herrera, PhD at


The Institute for Transnational Research and Development is dedicated to the holistic regeneration of communities by engaging members in reflection and strategic action rooted firmly in their contexts. ITRD understands the inter-connectivity of communities across national borders, thereby working to strengthen their natural networks and flows. CLICK HERE to see list of current projects (PDF).

For More Information Please Contact Grace Dyrness, PhD at


Institute for Vital Economic and Neighborhood Development facilitates neighborhood economic revitalization by creating viable employment and income generating opportunities through the development of successful worker-owned, small business enterprises.


For More Information Please Contact Joe Colletti, PhD at


Mama’s Merging Markets are temporary and permanent markets that help transform businesses, community centers, neighborhoods, parks, sidewalks, streets, and other public and private spaces into family, fun, and festive places where art, food, music, and recreation blend together and create vital and vibrant social and educational experiences for all ages. Click here for more information. CLICK HERE for more information.


For More Information Please Contact Sandi “Mama” Romero at


The Brandon Jackson Memorial Scholarship raises funds through an annual basketball event for Pasadena Unified School District high school seniors going on to college. Brandon, a John Muir High School student who inspired many of his classmates to personal and academic excellence, was gunned down in the streets of Altadena, CA on February 12, 2011. The outrage and sorrow of the community overflowed for him and all the young men and women in the community whose futures had been cut short by senseless violence. There had been too many. With the conviction that death and violence don't have the last word, the community responded in hope instead of hostility and the Brandon Jackson Memorial Scholarship was established.


For More Information Please Contact Debra Williams at